SacredConnections - Horses, Healing & Holistic Education
Soar High and
Root Deep
with SacredConnections
SacredConnections expresses a wave of consciousness that is absolutely aware that everything is ONE in the great FLOW of life, and that life is not so much a series of moments but the compilation of connections. Not a time-line, rather a rich tapestry of experience. Not a word, an ongoing symphony, where silence holds more influence than sound, where the light is known only because the shadow exists, where internal witnessing is just as important as external doing.
SacredConnections recognizes that balance is essential for wellness, and that there are many ways to attune and find balance in our daily lives.
Familiar Spirit teaches the importance of balanced connections to the animal world.
Equine Experiences restore balance through providing a deeply nourishing and grounding experience. 
Higher Self teaches the importance of balanced connections with oneself and the world around through nourishment. Blossoming Goddess teaches the importance of balance in one's sense of self and identity.
Backyard Education teaches developing children the balance between one's personal experience and the experiences of others.
EmpowHERment teaches women the balance of cooperative leadership and personal power
Sacred Spiral Parenting teaches the balance between natural leadership and receptivity.
Our Healing Offerings restore balance to allow for healing in the body.

It's all about balance!
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